Archives for April 12, 2010


If you are wondering what it takes to make a successful international move, I can tell you the number one must have is a husband who is fearless.  I am not brave.  I do not handle change easily.  I am introverted and get nervous in new situations, particularly when I don’t understand the rules.  Apparently the Swiss like rules, lots and lots of rules.

How do I know this?  Well, I’ve been told by everyone who has ever had any experience in Switzerland.  How else do I know this?  Because it only took two days before my fearless husband was pulled over by police for a traffic violation.  He was videotaped crossing a few painted white lines.  As Americans, we usually consider these lines to be mere “suggestions”.  Not so much with the Swiss.  Oh dear.

We Americans with our pioneering spirit and “can do” attitude may find life here a little more challenging than first expected.  Here we must pay for grocery bags, in an effort to force going green with reusable bags.  We must deposit money for a shopping cart, to encourage replacing said cart in the cart return aisle.  I ask you, what would happen if people used a few too many plastic bags, left their carts sitting in the parking garage, and crossed a few well drawn lines?  Mayhem and madness, that’s what.  Or in other words, a regular day in the USA.