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Making room for the view

On the drive home from school, the girls and I pulled over, hopped out, and made room for the view.  We dodged bumblebees, discussed the merits of straight versus curly hair, and took photos with snowcapped wonders as our backdrop.  It was the best and most beautiful fifteen minutes of my day.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment of Weekend Wanderings.


New every morning

“Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.  I say to myself, the Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.”  Lamentations 3:22-24

The sun is just coming up across the lake, and the hills rise to meet her in a show of sherbet colors.  The lake is still as glass except where the ferry cuts through, leaving ripples like streamers caught in the wind.  It’s beautiful here, and quiet this time of morning except for the friendly bird chatter outside of our windows.

Everything looks new in this light.  It hasn’t yet been written on with cares and worries and endless to and fro.  I don’t want to write Concerns or Doubts on this day, so I will write Love and Portion instead.  I will let the day unfold with compassions rising to greet me in a show of color, and new mercies rippling in wave after wave. 

Weekend Wanderings

Since moving, each weekend has been spent in various electronics and housewares stores.  If I have to endure one more trip to MediaMarkt, or look at one more TV mount, I will lose my mind.  This is the sort of thing that Michael lives for and that makes the rest of us want to cry.  To balance it out, we have been taking the kids on various day trips.  Our first adventure was to the Goldau Tierpark (animal park).

Once we figured out the parking situation (anyone for a spot that fits a motorcycle comfortably?), waited in the wrong line (umm, can’t read German), and successfully paid (a small fortune), we ventured into the park.  Goldau is a nature and animal park with a dramatic boulder strewn landscape, the result of a natural landslide disaster in 1806.

The sheer wildness of it was amazing.   
Set within this rugged beauty were a number of animal enclosures as well as creatures roaming free.  
Hand sanitizer anyone?

It was a day well spent, and almost worth all those trips to the Interdiscount.  Almost.


Why I will probably never work for the United Nations

Is it Friday already? Time flies when you’re spending nearly every waking moment in the grocery store. I miss Target.  And Costco.  Without American sized fridge/freezers and no bulk buying abilities, frequent trips to the grocery are the only option.  That takes time, not to mention the time required to figure out the ingredients on the packages.  At this point I’m shopping like a two year old, if the picture on the front looks pretty, then it goes in the cart.

The language barrier is a funny thing and peculiar, I think, to Switzerland.  There are four official languages here, none of them being English.  This means that nearly everything (and I do mean everything) is translated into the big three: German, French and Italian.  My high school French has come in handy a few times as I will recognize a word here or there, but overall the letters start to swim on the page after a few minutes of hard staring.

The kids tell me that one of the first questions they are asked when meeting new classmates, is how many languages they speak.  In our international school it is not uncommon to meet children who speak four and five languages.  I’m trying not to develop an inferiority complex.  I wonder, does it count if I can use a passable fake British accent?  Probably not.

Le sigh.



On this Tuesday, beneath a cloud of volcanic ash, I’m thinking of spring.  Of late afternoon sun freckling shoulders, of beauty and blooming.  Blossoms bring a smile in spite of missing clothes, little girl loneliness, and the overwhelming newness of it all.  They set a tilted world right side up, or as near as you can get with only four pair of underpants and a mug the size of a thimble.  

I’m trying to enjoy the small gifts today in spite of the fact that all of our “essentials” are grounded in the US, while waiting for European air space to clear.  Join me at Chatting at the Sky for Tuesday’s Unwrapped.  See you there!