Worth the effort

It’s been a while, friends.  I am still suffering from a bit of jet lag, and feeling more than a little overwhelmed with everything we need to accomplish before our move.  Three weeks is a very short time to pull an international move together.

I may be stating the obvious here, but adventures aren’t effortless. 
As I try to keep the lists straight and the details in focus, I am making a small effort to find something sweet to enjoy each day.  A sanity check so to speak.  Today, it was an outdoor run in a warm spring wind.  Just enough to get me through the rest of the day.

Details to follow shortly, until then, have a sneak peek at our new house.  Welcoming, no?  Wait until you see the view!




  • Moving is quite a task even locally, not to mention internationally! Thanks for taking the time to update us. Enjoy your small & lovely sanity breaks.

  • Suz

    Your gate looks wonderful. Can hardly wait to see the whole thing including the view (which I think is spectacular anywhere in Switzerland.

  • That gate is already beckoning me in! I’ll resist though. No sense spoiling things! 😛

  • Nate, you are always welcome through the front gate:)