The Offering

“No winter lasts forever, no spring skips it’s turn”
~Hal Borland

It’s not quite Spring here in the Northeast, but I expect her any day now.  Along my running route, the birds are back with their cheerful chatter.  I run and think on chocolate eggs and resurrection and birthing things.  I tell the kids we will have to forego Easter candy and baskets this year as we are flying “home” to Zurich two days later.  They fuss.  They ask me what we will celebrate.  How can we possibly celebrate with no candy?  And I pause, I think- I am failing here.  I say, how about we celebrate Jesus?  Silence.
I am annoyed.  They are annoyed.  And Jesus, is He annoyed too?  I wonder.  Would I be frustrated if I held out a scarred hand offering eternity, and my kids asked me to produce a chocolate bunny in the other?   Yeah, I think I might be.  

I’m not so annoyed anymore.  They are kids, I get it.  But I’m not.  I feel convicted, like how many times do a push away the scarred hand and all that it offers for something sweet but temporary.  How little it satisfies. 

I run and I think on chocolate eggs and resurrection and birthing things…. 


  • Michael

    So poignent; so true. love those kids.