Sweat and Sanity

I miss this little patch of space.  I wish I could pop in more often and clear the head a bit, but that’s not likely to happen for a few more weeks.  The house is topsy turvy, and we are days away from the arrival of the shipping company.  Then the goodbye’s begin.

I’m trying not to think about it too much. 
In the meantime, as we inventory and fill out forms and make last appointments, I’ve been sneaking in daily runs.  It’s a bit indulgent when time and energy are in short supply.  I’ve been foregoing the treadmill and hitting one of my old marathon training routes.  It smells of sweat and sanity.  It feels like freedom.
This week I’ve noticed the starkness of winter being softened by birdsong and buds, and I feel a softening, a birthing in me as well.  
Photo: London, Spring 2009
I’d love to hear what spring is birthing in you.


  • deb

    love the header photo,
    and I can’t imagine that kind of busy, but you must be so excited.
    I was supposed to run today, and bailed.
    Now you’ve inspired me for tomorrow.

  • This Spring has been met with much laughter and relief that Winter is finally over! Way too much snow this year for us southern folk.