I am preoccupied with the big stuff right now.  The big things tend to jostle around and jockey for position over the little things.  The little stuff becomes hazy around the edges.

When I do get a moment to clear my head, I find that those little things begin to rise like cream to the surface.  They have been stored there all along, just waiting to be noticed.  They whisper a small “look at me, don’t forget me, remember…”

Remember Michael watching Sophie twirl in the kitchen, the color in her cheeks rising with her pink tulle dress as it floats and kisses the air around her waist.  Look at me….

Remember Ethan’s front teeth, criss crossed and wobbly.  He waits and wiggles and sighs.  Until they fall,  apples are replaced with applesauce, and he counts the ways he will spend the money beneath his pillow.  Don’t forget me....

Remember Rachel, with her mother hen ways.  Remember the weight of her hair and how it falls like a cape around her shoulders.  The spring sun makes her glow.  She is all softness and light and calm. Remember….

Today, I’m letting the little moments eclipse the big ones.  Join me over at Chatting at the Sky as we unwrap the daily gifts that quietly beg to be noticed.