Week’s End

By week’s end, I am tired and more than a little cranky.  Michael was in Zurich this week viewing homes, touring schools, and completing a highly technical reconnaissance mission at the grocery store.  His report?  They carry paper goods and frozen pizza.  Highly technical indeed.

It seems the housing and school situation might be a bit more challenging.  It’s not quite as simple as perusing the aisles and choosing something off the shelf.  Our move to London in 2001 seems infinitely easier by comparison.  We were just a wee family of three at the time.  I suppose when you add two more kids and a dog to the mix, things are bound to become more complicated.

P.S. Complicated is not something I do well.

So, I am left to console myself with thoughts of fondue, chocolate and alpine views.  It helps.  Especially the chocolate.