The color of love

He is a man of grand gestures.  His motto is “Go big, or go home”. There is nothing little about him, not his height or his heart.  He lives big and loves even bigger. 
I am on board with the grand gestures.  I’ve grown accustomed to his belief that “If some is good, then more is better”, which comes in surprisingly handy when I’ve gone a little overboard at the mall.  But mostly, I like the small stuff, the little things that show me he pays attention.  His helping hand with the bedtime routine or the daily phone call between meetings.  
I’ve gotten used to the calls and the help, but there are days when he manages to take my breath away with the little things.  Saturday night he pulled me away from cleaning the kitchen with the offer to paint my nails.  He picked a shade and colored my heart with it.  Love looks like cotton candy pink.  With each stroke of color, he layered on his attention and tenderness.  He noticed me, he took my hand from it’s work, and he layered me with his love.  It was a small thing, but an immeasurable gift.  
Tuesday’s Unwrapped are Emily‘s way of helping us take note of the small stuff, those gifts that we so often forget to celebrate.  Check out what everyone’s talking about at Chatting at the Sky


  • The love of a good man is a wonderful thing.

  • well isn’t that just the sweetest thing!! 😉

    I’m hosting a love story linky party next week (Feb. 12) highlighing personal love stories – come on by to link up this lovely post or have an excuse to gush on your man with another one, like how you met, how he proposed, or just a favorite date. There will be a give-away too, hope to see you there!

    cheers to sweet hubbys!

  • deb

    That is so romantic!
    This tender touch is the key, these are the moments when I know we will care for each other so well when we are old .
    And it says a lot about you that you accepted the gift too, in the midst of your own agenda.
    I wonder how often we miss those chances.My husband always “bugs” me in the kitchen, it must be a comfort thing from kids finding their moms there.
    I’m always shooing him away, when really , this is the centre.

  • Suz

    How sweet. What a great guy you have. I’m not sure my husband would think of such a thing but it is sooo intimate and so kind.

    I think I’d keep him if I were you.

  • This is so sweet!

  • lovely to be loved…. and your words brought the moment to life

  • Wow, that is seriously sweet!

  • “Love looks like cotton candy pink.” – Girl, you just about melted my heart. Gosh this was lovely!