On Writing

I’ve not always known the reasons that I write, but for the simple pleasure of it.  As I’ve grown into the words, I’ve grown a bit more into myself.  
I write because the feelings don’t make sense without words attached to them.
I write because, like Adam before me, I must name things.  This is love, this is grief, this is joy…
I write because I am pathologically forgetful.  I think there must be a name for that somewhere too, or maybe I shall make one.
Many thanks to Lisa Jo at The Gypsy Mama for asking why it is we write, and for answering the question too:)


  • I write for those same reasons, and for others too. Thanks for sharing! Love the picture of the books.

  • Like I mentioned before, I just LOVE that image of needing to write because of our inherent need to name things – like Adam before us. That is just beautiful!

  • I love this, so happy you shared over at Gypsymama so I could find you!