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Guilty pleasures and a gift

I have an addiction to Home and Garden magazines.  They are my guilty pleasure, along with the Black Eyed Peas (I know, it’s ridiculous), and chocolate chip pancakes.  I have these magazines stashed in every corner of my house.  My favorite pages are dog eared or ripped out and strategically used as coasters.  No one notices them anymore, they are more fixture than fancy.

Yesterday, my daughter happened to notice my latest arrival sitting on the table and said “Mom, that looks just like you.  That pretty chair with the flowers and cup of tea.  I can see you sitting there.  It’s not really me, but it’s definitely you.”  And she was right.  It is me.  She put into words exactly what I love about this photograph.

It was as if she had picked up a flashlight, pointed the soft slanted beam at my heart and said “Hello, there.  I see you”.  I felt noticed.  It was a little thing really, an offhanded comment about a magazine cover.  But carefully wrapped beneath her words was the gift.


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On Writing

I’ve not always known the reasons that I write, but for the simple pleasure of it.  As I’ve grown into the words, I’ve grown a bit more into myself.  
I write because the feelings don’t make sense without words attached to them.
I write because, like Adam before me, I must name things.  This is love, this is grief, this is joy…
I write because I am pathologically forgetful.  I think there must be a name for that somewhere too, or maybe I shall make one.
Many thanks to Lisa Jo at The Gypsy Mama for asking why it is we write, and for answering the question too:)

Week’s End

By week’s end, I am tired and more than a little cranky.  Michael was in Zurich this week viewing homes, touring schools, and completing a highly technical reconnaissance mission at the grocery store.  His report?  They carry paper goods and frozen pizza.  Highly technical indeed.

It seems the housing and school situation might be a bit more challenging.  It’s not quite as simple as perusing the aisles and choosing something off the shelf.  Our move to London in 2001 seems infinitely easier by comparison.  We were just a wee family of three at the time.  I suppose when you add two more kids and a dog to the mix, things are bound to become more complicated.

P.S. Complicated is not something I do well.

So, I am left to console myself with thoughts of fondue, chocolate and alpine views.  It helps.  Especially the chocolate.


Knock, Knock, Who’s there? Banana….

The single digit years are ones of small triumphs.  Some of our triumphs this week….
Proper usage of knife and fork as utensils, not weapons 
Knock knock jokes told without potty humor and including an actual punchline
Not one, but two wiggly front teeth
Hope your week is filled with triumphs great and small, and possibly a couple of cool knock knock jokes.
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No limits

Who, being loved, is poor? 
~Oscar Wilde
Love does not limit itself to the “I do’s”.   It reaches back and envelopes those that came before and expands to include those that come after.  I, being loved, am the richer for it.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!
xo Kimberly