On Embracing

I like to live in the past.  It is one of my biggest weaknesses.  However, I am finding that  attempting to analyze and criticize it to a fine point is counterproductive.  That fine point often becomes a weapon.  Sometimes it is best to let grace cover it all and move forward.  I miss too much of the present by living with mind set backwards.

I fear I haven’t caught enough of the beauty of now. The beauty in the subtle and nuanced ways that my husband loves me year after year, the seed-to-sapling growth of self assurance and maturity in my daughter, or the ability to see and embrace the need for change.  All require being alive to the present.

The challenge for me is this….treasure the past for the moments that shine as if lit from behind,  and remember the difficulties where God spins hay into gold.  I want to embrace the back lit memories and spun gold, making them the treasure that I keep and blow away the rest like dust.

Tell me friend, how do you embrace the light and sweep away the dust?





  • This was a timely post for me to read, Kimberly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • deb

    You are so right.
    And I’m working on this too.