The rain is leaving wavy ribbons on the picture window, as I sit and drink my fourth cup of tea for the day.  We are cozied up indoors, the feverish little one and myself.  Today is not a day for errands, although those will need to be done.  It is a day for homebodies.

There are piles of laundry waiting their turn in various rooms of the house, a sink full of dirty dishes, and a small stack of mending on the counter.  They will keep until later, after my tea is drained.  This is what home feels like.  Home feels like a little one asking for another cup of orange juice, the flicker of the candle burning in the kitchen, and beds fitted with fresh sheets.  It feels like a stack of towels warm from the dryer and a steaming cup of tea next to the sofa.

Home brings me comfort on the rainy days and a respite from the endless running around.  It is a vanilla scented haven of white daisies and polka dot mugs and sweet grins.  Home is where my heart smiles, I breathe easy, and I unwrap the daily gifts of the ordinary.


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