Painfully Beautiful

After a Thanksgiving that proved to be painfully beautiful, we spent a Together Day outside, enjoying the last of fall.   Leaves were raked and beds prepared for winter.  The dead was removed and made ready for the fresh start to come. The last of the sun’s warmth was soaked into cold weather skin and the hammock swung with legs, arms and giggles.  I gave Thanks… for the pruning, removing and readying of my heart as well as my home.


I’m linking up to Tuesday’s Unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky.  Emily encourages us to take a closer look at our everyday and seek out the given gifts.  Even if they’re painfully beautiful.


  • Those are the perfect days!!
    sandy toe

  • swinging in the hammock soaking up the last bit of fall sounds heavenly!

  • Preparing our hearts for new growth is seldom a pleasant experience, but so necessary. Great post.

  • deb

    This was just the right kind of beautiful.

  • Suz

    As it says in the Bible, the seed must die before it can grow. That is what is happening to everything around us. And for us to grow, it happens to us, too.

  • I really enjoy those kind of days!