Filtered Joy

I have days that are all fireworks and twinkle lighted, castle bound joy.

And then I have days that are all mess. A hodgepodge of brokenness and misplaced pieces.

Today, I’m unwrapping the gift of finding joy in the mess.  I’m trudging up and down the basement stairs, looking with my eyes at the mess, but seeing with my heart, the joy.

The joy of having a family to call my own. Kids to pick up after and a husband’s dry cleaning to drop off.  Cozy flannel sheets to launder and homemade meals to prepare.  Bags to unpack and a crazy fun vacation from which to recover.  There can be joy in the mess, but sometimes it requires looking through a love filter.  Not the rose tinted kind, but the love filter that clarifies and refines and makes the real rise to the top.


Once again I’m linking up to Emily at Chatting at the Sky for Tuesday’s Unwrapped.  Hop on over and take a look at how other women are looking for the gift in the ordinary, everyday.  You may never look at dirty diapers or laundry the same again:)


  • Girl, I got that same mess, but you are looking at it so much better than I am.

  • Ah, a “love filter.” I like that.

  • Suz

    Your post is wonderful. We forget sometimes that neatness can be an obsession and not all that healthy for relationships. I fortunately, do not suffer much from that disease. I saw a sign once that said “My house is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy.”

  • Reminded me of a quote.. can’t recall who said it, but it went something like this, “Normal day make me aware of the treasure you are.”

    Beautiful post.

  • Thanks for the reminder!