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His song

I’m sitting watching the steam rise off my cup of tea this morning, listening to the beginnings of stirring in the house,  and I’m feeling…content.  These last few days of togetherness, of late mornings and movies and cozy fires have been such a lovely way to round out the holidays.  These last weeks of the year have a sweet, knitting effect on us.
A few nights ago, late into the evening I heard a voice floating above the noise of the tv.  I turned down the volume to find that my boy was singing himself to sleep upstairs.  Although I couldn’t make out the words, I knew his song was entirely his own.  It is a contented and thoroughly loved child who can sing himself to sleep with the song of his heart.

As we look towards the new year and our family time winds down, as we return to schedules and travel and busyness, I pray that God puts His song in each of our hearts.  A song of joy, a song of contentment, a song of grace.

“But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.” Psalm 5:11


Worth it

Dear Rachel, Ethan, and Sophie,
Your smiles are worth every mad dash to the overcrowded mall,  every crossed off item on my never ending list, every moment spent searching for the gifts I (too) carefully hid, every extra calorie eaten while baking, every moment spent wrapping in the basement, every bad Christmas movie watched,  every day of controlled holiday chaos, and every prayer lifted in thanks for a true reason to celebrate.

I love you,


A little bit behind

I am woefully behind in my wrapping, baking and general merry making.  Michael has been sick and in bed for days, and I have been head nurse to this cursed illness.  My poor man.  I don’t make a very patient nurse.  The irony that I used to make a living at nursing does not escape me here.

Michael and I are in a constant battle of one-upmanship when it comes to who has felt the sickest, the longest, with the most pain.  Yesterday he suggested that his stomach pain was what he expected labor pains feel like.  I think even Santa’s Merry Elves in the North Pole could hear my laughter.

Wishing you a healthy and labor free Christmas!



Snow Day

Or, in other words, the perfect day…
The calendar was cleared and we made room for fun.
Gingerbread construction.  A sprinkle of coconut snow, a handful of sweeties, and a dash of artistic inspiration.

We caught the season’s first flakes in a whirl of white and rainbow stripes.
I retired to the safety of the sofa when I spotted my girl cupping and packing with a small grin. A sibling was on the receiving end of that white blur.
The day bowed out with smiling faces covered in chocolate foam.


No words necessary