This photo makes me happy in ways I can’t explain.

Unguarded moments are so rare, don’t you think?  I wish to see more of them.  A tender glance, an amazed grin, a hand to mouth. Kids are good at the unguarded, the true thing.  I needed this photo to bring me back to truth, and to reveal the pleasant but bland veneer I so carefully paint on.


I’m linking up to Chatting at the Sky and joining in the conversation about finding the un-ordinary gifts in our sometimes very ordinary days.


  • Suz

    The little girl’s reaction is precious. Most people don’t like to be caught unguarded. They are afraid you might see something about them that you would find unlikeable. Children don’t think like that and that’s why we enjoy them so much.

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  • So cute. No wonder Jesus said we must become as litle children. No masks allowed.

  • Anonymous

    hey this is really very good cute photograph specially that cute 1 girl