Living in the yes

Some days I would like to get into someone else’s skin and live their life for a little while.

In truth, I don’t really want a different life, I just want to experience more in this one.  I want to know what it feels like to solve a mystery, reign in a horse, win an award, look good in a miniskirt, write a book, or save a life.

What’s it like to turn heads when you walk in a room?  Ride an open trail? Perform lifesaving surgery? Earn a paycheck?  I don’t have the answers, but I’m determined to find out.  Maybe not the turning of heads because I am (sigh) in my mid-thirties.  But the life saving surgery?  I might be able to pull that off.  I am told I am very good with re-attaching missing doll parts.

These are the things I consider when I’m on my third cup of tea and still in my PJ’s on a Saturday morning. I don’t know how much I can fit into this short life, but I do know that I need to stop being the girl whose first response is always no. Life is lived in the yes.  I’ll start by saying yes to a fourth cup of tea and see where that takes me….which is likely to be the bathroom, where I will worry about that weird moldy smell, then reconsider my floor cleaning methods.  Saying yes to a life well and truly lived is going to be more challenging than I thought.