Prayer with a side of Advil

Twenty miles tastes sweet, my friends. Very, very sweet.

I have put every ounce of my energy and ambition into training for the marathon. I have given five months and 431 miles, countless blisters, aches, pains, and injuries. I have run in the rain, wind, and blazing heat. I’ve gone through three pairs of running shoes, more prayers than I can count, and at least two bottles of Advil.

I’ve given it everything I have, and I’m thinking I just might be able to pull this off.


  • Suz

    When is the marathon? I am so impressed that you are going to do this. I think about it sometimes but I’m not sure my aging knees and ankles would hold up.

    People say running is a great stress reliever and with 3 children, you may need to have something that is just your own.