Living in Books

My love for reading and books is nothing new around here (why, oh why did I not become a librarian?). My love for writing is no secret either (why did I not just get that BA in English?). I don’t have answers to those questions, and frankly can’t begin to say what possessed me to study science. However, I do have a love for the written word that I am proud to say has been passed down to my kids. We’re all readers here, and I have recently discovered that my daughter can turn a phrase like nobody’s business. This poem is one of the loveliest gifts I’ve been blessed to receive. Not only is it incredibly well done, but it made me feel like my kid is paying attention.

Living in Books
Rachel Coyle
“My mom’s eyes are like bowling balls. They’re so big and moving constantly reading the new book she’s checked out at the library.
My mom’s personality is like a hawk because she’s always looking out for my younger siblings and me.
My mom’s head is full of books that she reads all throughout the day.
My mom’s feet are like thousands of ants pounding on the ground as she trains for a marathon.
Her heart holds a love for books that is the rainbow as most covers are.
She lives in a book and eats the words off the pages.”
She could have gone a little heavier on the housework and spiritual guidance I provide, and perhaps not so much on the “reading all day” (Michael, you know I don’t otherwise you wouldn’t have clean underwear), but all in all I thought it was amazing. She also wrote one for Michael, but I’ll save that for a day when we all need a good laugh. It’s slightly less flattering with some mention of his head being a giant peach, and a reference to him living in a bed and eating pillows. I love that kid.
What works of art have your kids blessed you with lately?


  • Michael

    Ok, so that’s adorable and just confirms to me what I’ve suspected and why you can’t do the gardening because “you’re too busy!!”. Now, what about that daddy poem? Do I need to remind her which of us is more free with the treats?!?

  • Our enjoy for writing is no key sometimes (why did My partner and i not just find of which BA inside Language? ). My partner and i don’t have got answers to be able to those people queries, along with seriously can’t commence to point out precisely what possessed me to review research…