Knit one, purl one

Oh, dear. I’m afraid I have truly become the little old lady that has always lurked beneath my thirty something exterior. Remember when I talked about my goals for fall?

Bless my family with homemade food more often. Check. This is not always a blessing when I am cooking however, I did make this yumalicious treat recently with the apples we picked at a local farm.
Learn to speak French. Not so much. It looks like German will be the language I’ll be taking up. It doesn’t exactly have that Je ne sais quois quality, does it? But, if I want to be able to get by in the grocery store in Switzerland, German it is.
Take knitting lessons. Check. Ohh, this was a fun one. I really, really enjoyed hanging out with my gray haired creative counterparts at the local knitting shop. I am a dork. But I am now a knitting dork, which makes me much, much cooler. I can’t wait to show you my new dove grey scarf, once I have more than three rows finished! I thought knitwear might be essential in an alpine climate, no?
How are your fall improvements coming along?