Ice, Ice baby

I am sitting on the sofa with ice under my foot and on both knees. My right leg has some sort of support wrap from knee to hip, and I have spent a small fortune on doctor’s fees this week alone. That would be four doctor’s visits. For my leg/knee. Because of the running. Which is supposed to make me healthy and strong.

When I encouraged my husband to get up early to exercise this week by telling him how much better he’ll feel, how energized and healthy, he reminded me that I have never been so tired or had so many injuries. Oh, how we laughed.
We laughed until my laughter started to take on a slightly hysterical note, and became more of a cry. He was right. I don’t feel good, but hey, on the upside, I have a resting heart rate of 44. My doctor wrote a big huge “Bradycardic” on my EKG today, and told me that normally she would be alarmed by that. So, I’m a few heartbeats away from dead. That’s the upside.
I won’t go into any more detail because I’m sick of hearing myself talk about it. I’ve got a shorter run of 15 miles tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes. If you’re of the praying persuasion, pray that my body and my bank account will recover from this week.


  • Most people, when they start running don’t start off training for a marathon. You took on a feat that few dare to challenge themselves. Your body is trying to adapt to a lot of physical stress that it had never been used to. Cardio conditioning is a lot easier to achieve in such a high stress physical challenge in short period of time (relatively speaking), muscular and bone conditioning takes years. Remember there are many marathons to run in a life time, but only one good pair of knees to achieve them with. I’m glad and proud of you for sticking with it. Stick to your goals, but listen to your body at the same time.

  • deb

    15 miles is a shorter run.. the reality of these marathon distances is crazy. My husband does a half marathon in November ( in Philadelphia) as a traditon with a friend, and I can handle “helping” him get ready, between weeks of bailing and not being into etc. I like an hour run , after that , the body takes a beating.
    You are amazing, and I assume you’ve done all the shoe fitting etc .
    I wish you luck with this… when is the run?

  • Meng, thanks for the encouragement:)
    Deb, I know, after an hour it seems a bit crazy! The run is on Nov 1st in NYC.