He Laughs

The kids had their annual flu shot yesterday. For days leading up to it, Sophie would spontaneously burst into tears every time she thought about it. In four year old terms, I explained it was for her best, that I wouldn’t do anything to harm her, and that a little pain now makes for much less pain later. She knew that it needed to be done.

Fastforward to the doctor’s office. All rational thought cast aside, she screamed, squirmed and cried her way through the visit. It took two of us to hold her down and as the nurse gave Sophie the shot, she screamed “NOOOOO!!!”
After the pain was gone, bandaid applied and lollipop licked, Sophie told her Daddy how very brave she was, how obedient, how good. Sure, if brave equals fussing and fighting it with everything she had. I laughed, until I realized that too often this scene plays out between me and the Lord.
I fuss and fight my way through situations that God intends to refine me and ultimately to save me from greater pain later. I scream “NO” when He calls for obedience. I cry when things don’t go according to my plan. I pull away at His call to surrender more. I embrace the pain of the trial, instead of embracing the comfort that He offers in the midst of it. And after all the kicking and screaming is over and change comes, I say “How very brave I was to have come through it. How very proud God must be.” And sometimes, like a parent, I think He laughs and shakes His head knowing that we’ll have to do it all over again next year.


  • Suz

    This is a wonderful post. May I use it at our Church meeting on Sunday? It is so perfect for what we are going through as a church body.

    God bless you.

  • Hi Suz,
    Thanks for stopping by:) Feel free to use this post as well as my blog address if you like. I’m so glad that it blessed you. I hope the meeting goes well. God bless!

  • Suz

    Kimberly –

    I read your blog “He Laughs” at our church meeting. It got a good laugh and hopefully got some people thinking about how we react to God’s challenges that are for our own good.