Finding a common thread between bathrooms, Rome, and the five stages of grief

It’s early. Everyone, including the dog, is still asleep. I’m enjoying the quiet before the crazy, rush about, where’s the hairbrush?, can you get me some cereal?, do I have clean socks? moments.

Today is one of my days off from running. I’ve officially begun to taper my training, which means two weeks of rest and relief from the nagging pains I’ve been having. I can’t believe how far I’ve come, but I’m still feeling incredibly anxious about race day. Strangely enough, my biggest fear is that I need to use the bathroom, more specifically number 2, during the race. It’s a bizarre fixation, but people have been known to have accidents. And by people, I do not mean me. Just those “people” we all refer to but never actually know personally.
Speaking of people, I do happen to know someone who is currently in Rome. And by someone, I mean the person I am married to. I’ll be at the local pumpkin patch today, and he’ll probably be having dinner in the shadow of the coliseum. Whatever. Normally this would send me into the tailspin of the five stages of grieving (it’s only been five years since we left London for NJ, don’t judge me). I like to revisit the pain every so often. Usually when Michael is in Europe. Anyhow, this time I’m holding onto the hope that we’ll all be in Europe at the start of the new year. To say that I’m excited about our move to Switzerland is an understatement of ridiculous proportions. As the details unfold, I’ll be keeping you all posted. Until then, I’m telling Elizabeth Kubler Ross (you don’t think there’s anything to the fact that she was Swiss?) to take her stages of grieving and save them for a time when I can no longer converse with anyone or read a road sign because of the language barrier. There will be denial and bargaining. I can feel it.


  • Suz

    Kimberly –

    When is your race? I want to pray for your “intestinal fortitude” during the event. LOL.

    I visited Switzerland many years ago and loved it. If there was any place I would live outside the US, that would be it.

  • I still have the same anxiety during all of marathon races. I have a sensitive stomach. When you’re running for that long, it’s hard to finish without Gatorade and Gu. I try to go without it until toward the end, but it’s a double edged sword. During my first marathon, I witnessed someone running along with a wet one running down his legs. I need not say anymore. I wish you and your family all the best in your future home in Switzerland. My Swiss friend, here in CO, is really missing his home. I’m thinking my next attempt at an Ironman race will be in Switzerland, but that won’t be for at least an other year.

  • Meng, not good news! I was hoping there was some magic trick I could use to avoid such problems!

    Suz, the race is on Nov 1st. Any prayers are appreciated!