Everyday magic

My youngest daughter is fascinated with the Barbie movies. If you have a little girl, then you know exactly which movies I’m referring to. Each one is filled with beauty and love, adventure and magic. They are a glittery pink fantasy, and truth be told I adore them too.

We watch them frequently in our house, and this morning was no exception. Sophie and I enjoyed Barbie and the Diamond Castle, and as I sat with her I was thinking of what draws me in. Myth and fantasy are an everyday sort of thing for most kids, but magic and fairytales were not a part of my experience as a child. I had a childhood that was deeply rooted in reality. Now as I experience fantasy through the eyes of a grown woman, I have the heart of a little girl who’s never believed a beauty could fight a magical battle against an evil force and win.
The more I watch these movies, the more I begin to believe. I believe that there is a mystery beyond what I can understand. There is magic in the ordinary if we look closely enough. The beauty can clothe herself in truth, take up a sword that speaks, and fight a winning battle. I believe that rocks may cry out, trees can clap their hands, a donkey may speak and a burning bush can be holy.
The unknown is dark and deep, a profound mystery of the Spirit. I know that Spirit moves on the flesh and mysteries and miracles result. They are all one. Fact and fiction, Spirit and flesh, miracle and mystery. Now, when I see a kiss turn a life upside down, an evil dragon defeated, or a beauty clothe herself in a magic gown, I believe.
Today I’m linking up to Chatting at the Sky for Tuesday’s Unwrapped. I found something extraordinary in the ordinary today. What did you find?


  • Thank you for giving expression to this beautiful truth. I don’t ever want to lose the wonder…

  • What an amazing feeling it must be 🙂 So wonderful to share that w/ your daughter.

  • As we grow older, most of us grow more cynical, disbelieving. But what a gift to grow in belief even as you grow in years. (And I give you props for extracting such deep meaning from a barbie movie!) 🙂

  • That is my favorite part of being a mama… discovering the world through their eyes! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment. I just lost myself in yours. I love your writing. And your family is just precious. I have a daughter the same age as yours (& an almost 13yo and 6.5yo sons)… and a sister expecting her first baby! I even noticed Bonita commenting. She is a neat lady! I met her at the Nester’s swap. Small world. Anyway, though I know you not at all, I feel like I have found a friend. Blessings!

  • How absolutely beautiful!

  • Suz

    What a lovely post. I want to go out and get some of thoses movies though some may think I am too old. Fantasy and beauty have no age restrictions!!

  • Kimberly, Your writing is breathtaking — thanks for the gift of it in my world today!

    I love what the poet Ted Kooser calls the “extraordinary within the ordinary” — your post captures that sentiment perfectly today.

    And thank you for stopping by Graceful this week…

  • Kimberly, thanks for your kind and encouraging words at my blog last week!

    I too believe there is a mystery beyond what we can understand… and am awed that we each have a part to play in that grand story. I am sure it will turn out to be an even bigger story than we realize now!