Blog Love

It has been far, far too long since we’ve had a Friday Favorite around here. I am now reinstating Friday’s as the day I share my favorite things with you. Expect it to last about two weeks because frankly, I’m not that interesting, I don’t try too many new things, and I’m a creature of habit. I also overuse the word frankly.

Anyhow, my sister in law Becky turned me on to this Friday’s favorite, and I am forever grateful. Big Mama is my first stop of the day on the blog roll. She is the big sister you’ve never had, the best friend you wished you had, and the blogger you wish you were. If there was anyone in the bloggy world that I would like to meet in real life, it would hands down be Melanie aka Big Mama.
The best thing about Big Mama? She’s funny. Dang funny. I think I want to be her when I grow up, despite the fact that we’re suspiciously close to the same age. However, I will settle for reading her blog and knowing that we share the same twisted obsession with Anthropologie clothing and an aversion to men with pinky rings. If you do decide to take a hop on over there, you might want to pop in on the comments section. You’d be missing out on half the fun if you didn’t.
Happy Reading,