Tough Talk

O blessed, blessed day off. Fridays are my day off from the running schedule in preparation for the big run on Saturdays. As time goes on and the deadline draws near, I’m getting increasingly anxious before each long run. You would think I would feel more confident about it, but my knees and foot have been giving me such a hard time, that I feel like each run will be my last.

Tomorrow I’m aiming for 16 or 17 miles, depending on the knees. (As I read that last sentence, I realize the absurdity of thinking that it’s that last one mile that’s going to make or break me). I’ve been very, very tempted to quit for about a week now. Fortunately, I have enough good people around me to hold me accountable to my goal, unfortunately they’re not so good with the tough talk. So I have to tough talk myself, which really ends up with me saying things like “This was a dumb-ass idea”, or “You were an idiot to agree to this”. Not exactly motivating.
I expect to have trouble sleeping tonight thinking about it, but I’m determined to keep moving forward unless the body gives out. Which is highly likely. The plus side to all of this self inflicted pain and anguish? When I find one I’ll let you know.