The Sweetest Things

Some days it’s the little things that make the day sweet. Things like homemade chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven. Or being ambushed in the shower by a water gun wielding four year old.

Some days it’s the arrival of the book that you’ve been waiting for anxiously, or it’s hearing your little one whisper a bedtime prayer. It’s the quirky mispronunciation of the word “pause” as “clause”, as in “Mommy, can you clause my show?”.
Some days it’s seeing your husband inexplicably wearing a bald cap. Or the sweetest thing is reading a paragraph in a book, and realizing that someone else has found words to make clear that fuzzy thing you always felt but couldn’t quite express.

Some days it’s just having the heart to notice them.
I hope you’ve had the chance to notice some of the mundane, weird, funny or sweet moments in your day. I’m linking up to Chatting at the Sky today for Tuesdays Unwrapped.