Seeing beauty

It’s Tuesdays Unwrapped, and the gift I’m unwrapping today? Discovering that my child has an eye for beauty. I was excited to upload these photos of my brother in law’s wedding this weekend. We gave Ethan the privilege of taking the photographs, and seeing the wedding captured through the eyes of a seven year old was priceless. He is responsible for some of the loveliest photos of the day.
It’s so easy to miss the special something’s that make up a little person, but their ability to shine in unexpected ways is a true gift.
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  • deb

    You are so right, and those pictures are fabulous.

  • Wow! Great pictures! I love discovering my kids’ hidden talents. Looks like you have a budding photographer on your hands! 🙂

  • It’s nice to discover a mom who actually trusts her youngster with such an important task. I’m sure his self-esteem skyrocketed.