My son, the philosophizing arborist

I took the kids to Friendly’s for dinner last night, which can either be a great experience or it can go horribly wrong. Fortunately, all three were in good spirits and we had a fun time chatting and catching up. I sat on one side of the booth with Ethan, and as I tucked into my ice cream, I found him studying my face. When I turned to give him a smile he says this just loud enough for half of the restaurant to hear:

“I wonder if we count the wrinkles on mom’s face, they will tell us how old she is. You know, like counting the rings on a tree.” Then he proceeds to count.
(PS, he already knows how old I am)
I admit I was taken aback. Since when does he know so much about trees, and since when have my wrinkles become that obvious? Questions to ponder. But he doesn’t stop there. We get in the car to go home, and after hearing his sister talk about needing time to get some things done, he comes up with this gem:
“Rachel, time waits for no one.”
And apparently time doesn’t wait for my face either.