Wildlife and a bookstore

What say you to another post on Vermont? This last post contains the part of the vacation that I enjoyed the most. It was about the last half hour before we drove home. I think I need a do-over vacation. Sadly, neither time nor budget will allow for that.
While away, we held an ongoing contest to see who would be the first person to spot a bear or a moose. I was the only one who spotted both.
This was as close to nature as I planned on getting. Not being an outdoorsy kind of girl is a bit of a disadvantage in Vermont. If I had been feeling better, you would have found me exploring any one of the quaint little villages that are nestled between mountain and valley. They were filled with cafes, country stores, antique shops, and colorful architecture. I have a not so secret obsession with Gilmore Girls, and when we stopped in the little town of Chester, I felt as if I had wandered into Stars Hollow.
Can’t you just see Rory and Lorelei walking down this street?
Do you suppose they serve tea?
And my favorite stop of all…
I adore this sign. Don’t you just love the black cat? I spent the happiest thirty minutes of the week here. Don’t tell my kids. They still think I *loved* the hike at Hamilton Falls. However, I prefer reading about near death experiences instead of actually having one.
I believe that about covers it for Vermont. Next stop: Disney in December!