Vermont redux

Someone, somewhere along the way decided we should take a hike out to Hamilton Falls (also known as a nudist hangout, but that’s another story). It’s an incredibly steep, multiple pool, hewn from solid rock, collection of falls.
Note that I am clothed and smiling in this photo. Smiling because we were actually exiting the falls and returning to the safety of indoor plumbing. Clothed because, well I don’t really need to explain that! At the start of the hiking path we were greeted with this friendly warning…
Then this one…

Great. So there might be nude people, and if they were feeling adventurous that day, they may also be dead. How do I explain that one to the kids? This was the thought foremost in my mind as we followed a trail of discarded underpants and swimsuits, that is until I realized that there was a good chance that we might die as we descended a slippery wall of rock to the lower falls.

The views were breathtaking, which I was able to appreciate after our death defying descent.

I never thought I would say that I consider a vacation a success when I am able to avoid 1. dying 2. explaining a potentially dead nudist and 3. not having to use the bathroom in the woods.
What’s your idea of a successful vacation?