To run or not to run

I had an unfortunate and completely unplanned two week break from running. Fortunately, I had built a few weeks extra into my running schedule for illness, injury, etc. I had not expected that I would actually need them. I’ve been anxious about this time off, worried that it will set me back too far in my training schedule. These are not the things one should be worried about when keeping food in one’s body is a problem.

I knew I had gone off the deep end when my first thought every day was “I think I might die”, and my second thought was “I wonder when I can push myself to run again” or “Do I really need to eat to run?”. So, I gave up the worry for another week or so, and just started up again Friday. Folks, it was not pretty. Neither was Saturday. I felt so weak that I had to head home before I hit the pavement. I’m a little worried. I haven’t given up the last twelve weeks of my life to fail now, so this next week is going to be a big hurdle for me. November 1st is closing in fast.