The strive and the struggle

Last night in an effort to escape the madness that was my house, I decided to take the car and trace my running route for this morning’s long run. I generally judge how far I’ve gone by the amount of time it takes and what my pace feels like, but I wanted to be sure that I’m actually running as much as I think I am, and as I mentioned above, escape the madness. The madness being seven kids, a massive professional speaker with microphone for karaoke, and a 10 foot movie screen. Did I mention most of this was set up in our house?

Anyhow, I mapped out my route, it being an ambitious thirteen miles, and prayed that I’d be able to run it on less sleep than normal (see above). And guess what? I did it! I ran the equivalent of half a marathon today! I was feeling really excited about that until I realized that it is indeed, only half of my goal. But, I am thirteen miles further along then I was 18 months ago, when I couldn’t even run a mile. I finally got around to buying a fuel belt so I can carry water and small packs of gel with me. It made a big difference in helping me get through the rough patch at around 8 miles when I just wanted to turn around and walk home.
It was a great run. Great, but not effortless. I’m finding that most things in life are like that. It’s in the difficult parts, the straining forward, that we discover what we’re really capable of. I hope that as you read about my progress, you’ll begin to think of the things in your life that are worth the strive and struggle, and cut loose the things that aren’t.


  • deb

    and WoW!
    And here I thought my little runs were admirable.
    You have inspired me as I am feeling blah this week without keeping to my schedule.
    Congratulations, and hope it helped you deal with the party house after 🙂