Silver lining

Sorry I’ve been a bit scarce on the blog these last few days. I’m in the middle of a wicked case of stomach flu or something. I’m on enough medication right now to bang out a few words, but not much more.

I was thinking of Emily’s blog and her Tuesday’s Unwrapped, and naturally came up blank today. I am not thankful for much when it comes to being sick, but then I remembered that this it temporary. Those who are chronically ill, face this day in and day out. God is gracious. I also thought of my husband who took off from work today to take care of me, a friend who kindly carpooled my children around, my kids who offered to make me tea and put their hand on my forehead to soothe me, and my silly little dog who can’t seem to lie close enough to me on the sofa. Again, God is gracious.
Emily, thanks so much for helping me see the silver lining in days that are stormy and cloudy, and reminding me that God is gracious.


  • Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Our whole family had a run of a nasty bug last week, and I’m coming off of a really hard medical year. Your post is such a great reminder of how to be thankful for the sunshine because of the rain.

    Thanks for sharing even when you feel badly!

  • deb

    You are amazing!
    Hope you feel better.

  • So far, no nasty bug, but I do struggle with an ongoing illness that it can sometimes be difficult to see the good in. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for the good things I am learning as well as the struggles!

  • Good for you finding the silver lining. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Isn’t it sweet that our pets can tell we’re not feeling well and do everything they can to love on us? Not to mention kids and husbands 😉

    Get well soon! 🙂