My Precious

I am posting from my brand spanking new MacBook Pro today! My old laptop had a meltdown of major proportions a few months ago, and we decided to replace it sometime this fall. But, my man, being the loving husband that he is, went out and purchased it last week while I was sick. Pay attention girls, all I had to do to get this beauty was have a near death experience with a stomach bug. And spend countless hours at the apple store “trying it out”. Both equally painful.

That’s the big news around here. In little news, I finished reading “The sweetness at the bottom of the pie”, and it was an adorable, fun read. I love the twelve year old main character, who, with a name like Flavia de Luce, can’t help but be a bit cheeky. Check it out if you want a quick, cozy mystery.
I have a date with my mister tonight, so I’m off to try and look presentable instead of like I spent an entire week making friends with the toilet bowl.