Limping towards the finish line

Yesterday was my first big run after my unintentional three week hiatus. I took it slow this week, and decreased my normal amount of mileage by about 6 miles. I set a very modest goal of a long run of 8 miles, and ended up pushing myself to do 11 instead. I felt good about it, not winded or tired at all.

Unfortunately, I’m developing some knee pain which makes me feel as if it’s going to fold in and collapse. I know this has the ring of a hypochondriac, but my running buddy tells me that at this point in training, one’s body starts to show some wear and tear. As if the three weeks of bloody diarrhea wasn’t enough. Sheesh…I’m now walking like an arthritic octogenarian.
I can’t tell you how happy I’ll be when I conquer this thing and return to my normal life. Of course, life won’t actually be returning to normal, as I’ll be moving on to the next big life hurdle. We’re ready to shake things up here at teamcoyle. How about you? Are you shaking your life up, taking a walk on the wild side, or maybe setting some new goals this fall?