Switzerland vs Target…A comparison

I never did get started on the new book this week. I always have such grand plans to relax and enjoy myself, and find that I am sidetracked so easily by the dishes, mold in the tub, or the weird smell in the basement. Michael is in Switzerland this week enjoying a gorgeous view of the Alps from his room. I am enjoying the view of the mountain of laundry in my bedroom.

Sometimes I feel so jealous of his ability to simply jet off to another country and feast his eyes on such beauty and his stomach on European food. Meanwhile, I am left in his wake. A whirlwind of packing and then unpacking and washing and straightening upon his return. At the same time, I realize it’s not all glamorous views and delicious dinners. I would die if I had to sit in meetings all day and discuss finance and information systems. (At least, I think that’s what he does?!) I truly believe it would kill me.
So, here I am with the mold and the laundry and the kids. Eating at such exotic locales as Friendly’s and catching the beautiful views of the baseball stadium from the Target parking lot. And not a single question about which integration system will be ready before the next deadline. Life is good.