Running=more ice cream and possibly new shoes

Running is taking over my life. If I dedicated as much time to say… writing, as I do to running, I would be a published author by now. I like to run, but sweet Lord have mercy, I am hurting. Everything from the waist down hurts. And I lost a toenail. And it’s making me hungrier than ever. On the upside, I feel little to no guilt when I treat myself to Coldstone Ice Cream. That’s a pretty good feeling. Then there’s that elusive “runner’s high”, which I have happily discovered does exist. And the fact that I can breathe deeper, sleep better, and feel a capacity for more. More pain, more bone weary tiredness, but more endurance. I like that feeling.

This is my third week running thirty miles. I ran eleven this morning, and I’m feeling quite proud of that. Ten miles was the hump for me. After my first ten, I knew that I would be able to do this marathon gig. Many people have told me that training is much more a test of mental vs physical endurance, and I’ve found that to be true. I’m amazed at what my body can do, but more so at how much I rely on my mind to persevere and propel me forward. It’s been a tremendous metaphor for faith in my life. God is teaching me so much through this process, and it’s a benefit that I never expected.
We’ll talk more on that someday. For now, I’m off to ice my foot and figure out how to disguise a missing toenail. Prosthetics? Cute new shoes? Or, as my genius child Rachel suggested “Um, Mom, just wear a bandaid”. Darn. My evil plan for cute new shoes, foiled once again.