And I have the dirty knees to prove it…

When I said that I wanted this year to be the year of really living life, a year of trying new things and testing my boundaries, this is not what I meant. This is me covered from head to toe in clothing, hair tucked in, flip flops cast aside for real shoes. You might wonder why I am dressed for fall when it is clearly summertime.
It’s a long and completely inane story as to how I got to this point, so we’ll pick it up here with the outfit. I am dressed like the Unabomber because I was preparing to climb underneath our deck to the foundation of our home, stick my hand into a metal vent, and clean it out. Again, this was not one of the new things I had planned on trying out this year. However, due to a cruel twist of fate, or possibly my paranoia at not having clean underwear, I had to climb under that deck to clean out the vent from our dryer. Need I remind you of my fear of all things creepy and crawly? I don’t suppose I’ve had need to mention that I get a little panicked at the thought of tight and enclosed dark spaces either.

Here is what my kids thought of the situation, you know, just in case there was a snake bite involved:
And here is the proof…excuse the shot of my backside. My nine year old was taking the photos. I’m not going to lie, it was scary under there. When I told Michael (who am I kidding, when I bragged) about what I had done, after his obvious surprise at my fearlessness he said “So, you pulled out the tarp and put it underneath so you could crawl on it, right?” Um, no. It was just me and my painter’s pole prepared to do battle with any critter I might encounter. No tarp, no clean knees and elbows, and apparently no common sense.
On the upside, at least we all have clean underwear.