More Firsts

Last week we attended Sophie’s first ballet recital, and on the heels of that Rachel and Ethan performed at their first piano recital. I was more excited than they were. I had a very brief love affair with the piano in elementary school and I’ve always regretted not sticking with it. Now, come hell or high water my children will learn to play an instrument. Even if it means that I have to choose between having a cleaner or paying the kids piano fees (gulp). My only caveat is that they must learn to play an actual instrument. The recorder and the organ DO NOT count. I will not elaborate on that any further than to say, something is wrong when a ten year old kid is watching Larry Ferrari on a Saturday morning. (Poor Michael).

Michael and I are of the same mind when it comes to exposure to the arts for our kids…the more the better. We started early on by taking them to art shows, visiting museums, going to concerts, and filling their lives with books, books and more books. Now, I find them drawing, writing, and simply “making stuff” all the time. I love to hear them fill the house with music whenever they get the urge, even if that means I have to listen to “Deck the Halls” ad nauseum in the summertime. I’m also learning to get a bit creative myself when it comes to finding a place for their artwork. Unfortunately, now that I don’t have the cleaner anymore, I can’t blame it on her when things “disappear”. I know, I’m married to an organ player, I don’t have a cleaner and I’m slowly going broke by paying exorbitant piano fees. Life’s rough. But, I do have kids who appreciate a beautiful painting, love to read a good book, enjoy making something out of nothing, and who make music. Not a bad trade.