Life to the full

“The thief comes only to steal to kill and to destroy: I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” John 10:10

There was a burglary a few houses down from mine today. While I was sitting and chatting with a friend at my dining room table, a man was rummaging through my neighbor’s house and stealing from her. She came home while he was still there. The police knocked on my door and asked if I had seen or heard anything suspicious. I had not. I was going about my day, oblivious to the fact that there was breaking and stealing and chasing going on right down the street.

There are thieves out there. I’ve been made uncomfortably aware of that today. I need to be on my guard, but more importantly I need to be on guard for the true Thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy. He wants to steal my joy, kill my faith, destroy my family. He is real and he is subtle and he will not give up. He comes like a thief, and sometimes I catch him at his business and sometimes I don’t. But thankfully, I know the rest of that scripture. Jesus came to give me life. Life in the full. Life that is filled with peace and not fear. Life that grows healthy relationships and not sick ones. Life that breathes into me faith and hope and love. This is the Life that I have been promised. I cling to it, all the while knowing that there is a Thief that would try to steal it from me. It just makes me cling that much harder to Him.