What? It’s Wednesday?

I’ve tried to write this post about four times now. I can sum it up in one word…busy. That’s what I’ve been all week. I took on some volunteer work for a church outreach this week which, while great to be a part of, is slowly making me lose my hair. Or my mind. Or my ability to see straight. If I have to look at one more excel spread sheet I will cry. Or lose my hair. Or my…. you can see where this is going. (smile)

The busier I get, the more I accept that I like a quiet life. Simple. Un-hurried. I can do crazy for a little while, but I burn out quickly. Michael can sustain crazy for an unlimited amount of time. I get tired just thinking about him.

I might catch a short break tomorrow and show you what we’ve been up to in the garden. I just bought the most beautiful rose bush….