Tuesdays Unwrapped

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am:

1. Opposed to most forms of physical exertion.
2. A runner. This is the one exception to my previous statement.
3. Nursing an extremely annoying foot injury.
4. Signed up to run the NY Marathon in November. PS. See #1. This may be a problem.

I have been taking a break from running for a few weeks to allow my foot to heal, and it’s given me some time to really think about it (mostly annoyed, anxious thoughts). My foot is feeling much better and yesterday I hopped back on the treadmill for the first time. It was a great run. I was pain free, and ran my miles without discomfort. That in itself was a gift, but the real gift was the thought that came to me as I ran. I felt such a joy, a feeling of complete grace that God has given me a body that works the way it’s meant to.

There are so many people would give anything to have a body that is not wracked with pain or illness or disability. And so often, I take it for granted. Yeah, my foot hurt for a while. But my body can do everything I want and need it to. Yeah, I hate that I don’t have the stamina or strength that I desire. But I wake up every day healthy. Yeah, I’m annoyed that I can’t run faster. But I can run. What a gift. An extravagant, gracious gift. The next time I feel frustrated with my performance or annoyed that I’ve had a small setback, I will think on this gift and be grateful.

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