Possibly headed towards a near death experience

I know I promised not to post too often on the topic of running, but I lied. It’s official. I am now running in the NYC marathon in November. Yikes! I am really nervous about it. Michael, with his cup ever full, said “What is there to be nervous about?”. How about collapsing into a heap about halfway through the marathon and being trampled to death by the “real” athletes. It seemed a perfectly logical conclusion. Am I really the only one who thinks like this?

I’m especially nervous because I’ve had to put off running for a few weeks while my foot heals. Nothing like entering a marathon when you’re limping out of bed in the morning. It doesn’t inspire the utmost confidence. In the meantime, I’ve tried using the elliptical to keep up with my cardio. I almost fell off the first time (granted I was in a life or death battle with my tank top at the time), and the second time I couldn’t figure out how to get the machine to turn on. When I asked the ever helpful gym staff how to unravel the mystery of this machine, I got a blank stare and this incredibly sage advice “Uhh, just start moving”. Need I say more? To those of you who think you can’t make it at the gym, I am living proof that there will always be someone there more ridiculous than you.

In other news, Rachel got final clearance from the doctor to begin participating in PE again now that her cast is off. She was elated. If I hadn’t given birth to her, I’d question whether or not she’s mine. I spent the better part of my school years hiding in the pool office or faking cramps in an effort to avoid gym class. It’s a miracle I can use gym equipment. Oh yeah, that’s right, I can’t.

I’ll meet you back here tomorrow for Tuesdays Unwrapped. Hope you’ll join me!