Planning gone awry

I am feeling a little weary tonight. As I write, the rain outside has begun in earnest, and I am finally feeling a little relief from the heat of a weekend spent in the glare of the sun. Two days of full on, heavy gardening, and a day of volunteering at an outdoor community outreach has taken it’s toll. I’m a little sunburnt and crispy around the edges. Poor Michael has born the brunt of it all, taking the burden of the physical labor outside, and caring for three sick and feverish kids while I was out all day today. This wasn’t exactly how I had planned for the weekend to go, but as John Lennon so wisely noted “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans”. The plan for tomorrow? A celebration of my parents fortieth wedding anniversary. So far we’ve changed venues, menus, and only one fifth of my entourage is currently going to attend. That would be me. But, as you know life happens….