Loveliest of days

Yesterday was one of the loveliest, most relaxing days I have had in ages. The boys were away on a camping trip, and Rachel was not feeling well. Housebound and feverish, Rachel (and consequently, Sophie) had unlimited tv time. Which translated into unlimited quiet time for me! (Don’t judge me, you know you all do it too.) Guilt free tv is one of the few privileges of being sick.

In between administering Motrin and feeding my girls, I spent most of the day lounging on the sofa. I read, caught up on some of my favorite blogs, surfed the internet and drank cup after cup of tea. It was, in a word, perfect. When the sun made a brief late day appearance, I planted my summer annuals in pots while Sophie caught fuzzy spotted caterpillars. The Mother’s day marigolds made their way to the garden, happily nestled next to the nearly blooming peonies and climbing clematis. We then sat back to enjoy the view of bright pink geraniums against our barely there deck.

After tuck in and kisses, I settled in with the French film “The Girl from Paris” and fell asleep to the sound of rain patting on the roof and thunder in the distance. Truly, it was perfect.

What is your idea of a perfect day? Please do not include comments like “I love going to a predawn soccer game, then taking my kids to the mall, then returning home to make homemade chicken soup and rounding out the day by massaging my husband’s feet.” What I mean is, what is your perfect day?



  • Hi Kimberley
    My perfect day would be when I would be at home with my husband and looking after the animals. It would be summer and we’d start with coffee and croissants in the morning and then moving onto feeding the sheepdog, checking on the goats, the highland cattle and the kune kune pig. We’d go for a drive to the beach for a walk and come back for lunch which we would have outisde. Then it would be time for a snooze and the afternoon would be spend chatting and sitting in the paddock with the goats, listening to the birds. A bbq for dinner and gazing at the stars later wine in hand. I have had days like that and I’m hoping for them to come again, as it’s winter here at the moment.