A lesson in clarification: A conversation

Yesterday Sophie and I were waiting in the car line at school to pick up the big kids. The car line is monitored by our school crossing guard, who is best described as a nice older woman with Nazi-like tendencies. Through the open car windows, she asked us to move forward a bit, to which I answered yes. Sophie, on the other hand, had this to say (very loudly):

Sophie: “Mommy, is that a lady or a man?”

Me (hissing and speaking apparently too quietly): “Shhh! Why do you keep asking me that? You know she’s a lady. Her name is Anne and she’s lovely.”

Sophie: “You’re right mom, she IS ugly”

Me (loudly this time): “No, no I said LOVELY not UGLY”

Sophie: “Well she is ugly”

Oh dear. So much for trying to be subtle.