The one in which she loses her mind….

It seems that now that my globetrotting days are over, I don’t have that much to write about. As it turns out our imac has seen better days, so I won’t have access to our photos anytime soon. I’m hoping it’s not out of commission for too long.

Speaking of out of commission, I have had to take a few weeks off from my running schedule. It turns out I’ve developed plantar fasciitis, which is just a fancy word for saying I was an idiot and ran too long in my old shoes. Now my foot hurts like the dickens, and I’m doping up on high doses of advil. Not running for a while has had the curious effect of making me nearly lose my mind. How do I know that I’ve nearly lost my mind, you ask? Because I have tentatively agreed to run in the NYC marathon with a friend in November.

Let’s just pause here for a moment of silence.

I said, I have agreed to run the marathon. With a person who has run five marathons. A person who is over a foot taller than me, and has a ridiculously long stride. I think he might have to carry me to the finish, and I am not joking. So now, not only do I have to get over the pain in my foot (PS My running buddy merely suggested I “run through the pain”. Um, what?), but I have to start seriously training for this race. What have I gotten myself into? My only saving grace might be the fact that I need to get a sponsor to get a spot in the race (somewhat likely), that I injure myself first (increasingly likely), or that I regain my sanity and crap out (highly likely). Maybe not the regaining of my sanity part, but I could pretty easily crap out.

I know that posts on running are pretty boring, so I’ll try to keep the rest to a minimum. I did want to share with you an amazing movie I saw recently called “Running the Sahara“. It’s a documentary about three men who run across the Sahara Desert, through six countries, in 111 days. Even if you’re not a runner, this movie was an absolutely fascinating look into what kind of thought process it takes to bring your mind and body into total submission. These guys ran over a marathon each day for almost four months. Phenomenal. The most interesting fact? Only one of them was an elite athlete. The other two were just everyday Joe’s who simply had the will to do it. I don’t know about you, but I need a little bit more of that mindset in my life. It makes the impossible seem possible, doesn’t it?

Here’s to possibilities!