Thou Shalt…..

According to my friend, and campus pastor, Mike, I provided him with some comic relief as he overlooked the crowd from the stage this past Sunday at church. The topic was sex, and one would assume that you would sit with your husband when this topic is introduced. One would assume, unless of course, that person is me.

So what did Mike see? He saw me sandwiched between two young, single males whom I have never laid eyes on before. I was sitting between these complete strangers (did I mention they were male?), listening to a sermon containing phrases like “your breasts are like fawns”. I wish I was kidding. Needless to say, there was no “meet and greet” in my row after the service.

To avoid any further unfortunate situations such as this, I propose an eleventh commandment:

11. Thou shalt sit with thy wife when terms like “breasts” and “intended for pleasure” are bandied about.


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