The anti-athlete

That would be me. I am quite possibly the most unathletic person you have ever met. I don’t “do” sports. However, I do like to stay in shape, and not be completely embarrassed when wearing a bathing suit at the town pool. I also like to look younger than my husband.

After having three babies, and cresting the hill of youth, I decided that I needed to do something to stay fit. So, strangely enough I decided to take up running. When I tell you that I could barely run a flat mile when I started (and by barely, I mean I was barely breathing and barely standing at the end) I am not exaggerating. I’ve also never shown any interest or inclination for running, unless you count running to the nearest sale at the Gap. I had psyched myself into believing that I was incapable of physical exertion, so never bothered to give it a try.

That changed last spring when I turned 33. I mentioned here that I decided it was going to be a year of living outside of the box, of trying new things and seeing what sticks. I may also have been motivated by the impending bikini season. Either way, running worked for me. I slowly (very, very slowly) worked my way up to consistently running five days a week.

My goal for this year is to run my first race, and to work up to running 25 miles a week. The biggest thing holding me back are time constraints. I find it really hard to fit 5 miles a day into my schedule. I can squeeze in 3 before the kids go to school, but five is hard. I could use some advice from any of you runners out there. I need details. As for the race, I was supposed to run my first today. Obviously that didn’t happen because I’m writing this instead. I won’t go into the details behind that, lets just suffice it to say, Michael was supposed to run it with me and he is currently in bed watching a movie. Maybe he is the real anti-athlete.